Al-Bar Association in Talaat Tameyat completes the preparation of the strategic plan

The International Expertise House with Al-Bar association team in Talaat Al-Taymiyat has completed its workshops and visits to develop the strategic plan for the association using Balanced Score Cards, which is the second phase of the work development project in the association, these workshops were set up for the strategic planning phase within a period of 3 months.

Where the consultants made multiple visits to the association during which the strategic plan for the establishment was put up, and concluded by handing over the certificates of workshops to the employees of the association.

It is worth mentioning that this cooperation between the association and the consultants team is not the first, as it was preceded by many cooperation and success, this demonstrates the confidence of the AL-Bar Association in Talaat Al-Tamyat with the expertise and efficiency of the International Expertise House in the development and consulting field and the clear results achieved by the development of the establishment

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