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Welcome to the International House of Expertise

International Expertise for Management Development (IEHAD) is a specialized company that provides management consulting services to companies, public and private institutions, and third sector organizations. IEHAD has over twenty years of internationally acquired experience and has growing relationships with various clients and partners in the Arab Gulf region, starting with Turkey and the Horn of Africa countries, through Malaysia, and most of the Muslim world. IEHAD relies on its Arab and international expertise and efficiency in providing its consulting and development services, which have contributed and continue to contribute to the manufacturing and building of high-performance and quality institutions.

Our vision

A leading international group for integrated strategic solutions.

Our message

We specialize in strategic building of organizations using modern technologies and global expertise.

Our Valuable

Our Goals


Improving the quality of services


Achieving efficiency and effectiveness in performing tasks


Participation in scientific, cultural and entertainment events


Designing and implementing projects and initiatives and speeding up their completion


Following the best modern applications and methodologies in providing services


Benefit from international experiences and transfer knowledge

What distinguishes us

Team Work

We work together to achieve your aspirations

Dr. Wiam Al-Din


Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari


Clients trust us

A selection of our clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors

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