Aldreham: Through the cultural channel and develop the skills of leaders

The cultural channel will host Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Duraihm, Executive Director of the Leadership Development Center, in its program entitled “Developing the Skills of Leaders” on Thursday at 2:00 pm on the air, which will be moderated by Ms. Khaled Al-Tassan and in the preparation by Sultan Al-Shahri and A. Attia Hantoul.

The dialogue will focus on the leadership qualities, the importance of leadership qualification, its concepts, theories and programs, as well as the talk about the first leadership program at the level of the Arab world (the first 100 days of the leader).

This coincides with the preparations of the Leadership Development Center to launch the first 100 days of the leader in Istanbul with US consultant and trainer Robert Hargurve. Which will witness the presence of its elite of the leaders of companies in the Arab world.

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