Building and management teams skills program

Implementation of the staff of the oil company joint operations Khafji
On 3/9/2013, the International Expertise Hous implemented one of the programs offered by Al-Khafji Joint Operations Company, entitled “Skills of building and managing the work teams”, which was presented by Dr. Osama Abu Ala, who sought through this program to develop the knowledge and skills of the company’s employees in building and managing An effective and cohesive team and team development.

The program also aimed to enable participants to:
1. Determine the nature and importance of teamwork.
2. To form the teams according to their scientific stages.
3. To distribute tasks to the members of the team in such a way as to ensure the integrity of the functions of its members.
4. Dealing positively with team members.
5. To motivate team members in a manner that ensures satisfaction of their members.
The interaction of participants in acquiring the skills they have learned will have a significant impact on their professional lives to match the quality of the training outputs – helping them to serve their practical realities.

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