Department of Systems and Information Technology (Public Authority for Environmental Protection) – Sana’a

The International Expertise House in Sana’a concluded the training program “Systems Management and Information Technology” for the General Authority of Environmental Protection, for the international trainer Dr. Ghassan Ahmed Ali Habib.

The program lasted 4 days from Sunday, 26 January to 29 January 2014, with the objective of establishing and building databases to:
– Gathering everything related to the project in one place.
– Creation of laws and conditions therein.
– Create relationships between layers.
– Add and edit data for multiple users.
– Create categories and properties for each layer automatically.
– Create a special layer for writing.
– Building the topological installation.
– Construction of engineering network.
– Create and design a standard template for tables.

The participants learned how to use the teaching aids and the technology of modern technology in the administrative work. In conclusion of the program, the General Director of the International Expertise House / Nabil Al-Hayat delivered certificates to trainees

It is worth mentioning that the International Expertise House is working on the development and management of the services through the services, programs and training activities. The most important of these is the activities of the General Authority for the Protection of the Environment, the most prominent of which are the training programs in relation to ISO 14001, which is concerned with the environment. Specification.

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