Honoring the International Expertise House at the award ceremony of Umm Al Qura Women’s Charity Association – International Quality Certificate

As the Implementation Advisory of the project, the International Expertise House participated in the ceremony held by Umm Al Qura Women association in Makkah on 2/6/2013 on the occasion of obtaining the ISO 9001: 2008 International Quality Certificate.

The International Expertise House was honored with an award from the association for its efforts in building its quality management system and training its employees, and follow-up to the award of the international quality certificate, the celebration was attended by civil and military government leaders and dignitaries of Makkah.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari,CEO of the International Expertise House, expressed his happiness that the Association is implementing international quality standards, he also expressed his pride in providing advisory services to Umm Al Qura Women association in Makkah and many institutions, charities and companies in many Arab and Islamic countries, and all the places where the branches of the international expertise house are located.

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