Honoring the International Expertise House in the celebration of the coronation of Al-Bir Charity Association

Al Bar charity association in Bnayza on Friday, 26/7/2013 held a ceremony to receive the certificate of international quality (ISO9001: 2008). The celebration was attended by many of its leaders and social figures in the region, headed by His Excellency Governor Fahd Al-Saleh Al-Sulayem. During the ceremony, the association honored the International Expertise House for its efforts in providing consultancy services to the association in establishing and implementing quality standards according to the international standard (ISO9001: 2008).

Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari, CEO of the International Expertise House, praised the efforts exerted by the team and its leaders to ensure the success of the project and thanked them for their interest in administrative development, which demonstrates the extent to which they live in contemporary developments and their belief in the importance of continuous development and achievement of institutional work standards. In establishing and implementing international quality standards in the association

In conclusion, he expressed his thanks to the leadership of the Society for the outstanding ceremony and stressed the need to continue the process of development pursued by the leadership of the Assembly to contribute significantly to the achievement of its strategies and objectives, and contribute to the provision of pilot projects for the community contribute to the development and improve the standard of life for all members of the community.

It is worth mentioning that the Association aims to provide high quality services to achieve the following general objectives:

1. Work to raise the level of social, cultural, economic and health through: –

A. Provide financial and in-kind assistance to all needy groups.

B. Contribute to help those wishing to marry financially and consulting.

C. Contribute to the productive families program.

D. To provide the categories needed for the skills of success in life through education, training, consulting and research programs.

E. Participate in the care of public utilities and environmental, health, educational and social services.

2. Increasing the economic benefit of the available resources and acquisitions according to the latest methods.

3. Establishing and supporting charitable projects that contribute to the provision of social, educational and health services.

4. To contribute effectively to religious, social, cultural, practical and health activities.

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