Identification of training needs and preparation of training plans – Staff of the Yemeni Public Telecommunications Corporation – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Training Program (Training Needs Assessment and Preparation of Training Plans) for the employees of the General Establishment for Communications – Yemen The International Experience House for Management Development Group has started a training course in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on December 2, entitled “Identification of Training Needs and Preparation of Training Plans” ) With the international trainer Dr. Samir El-Hagrassi The aim of the program is to: Introduce participants to modern trends in training and development of human resources. And provide them with advanced knowledge and skills in managing the training process in all its components. It also aims to gain participants the following experiences: 1. Determine the nature and importance of the training process. 2 – Analysis of training needs in the institution. 3- Preparing training plans and designing training programs. 4 – Management of training programs and preparation of training bags. 5- Evaluation of training programs and measuring their impact on productivity

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