Implementation of the “Team Building and Leadership” program for the staff of Al-Khafji Joint Operation, Saudi Arabia

On February 2-3, 2013, the International Expertise House Team implemented the “Team Building and Leadership” Program as one of its planned training programs for the Khafji Joint Operations Group in Saudi Arabia.

Where the training program was presented by the international expert Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari, who trained participants on the most important rules of work as a team and principles of teamwork, also the participants were trained on the latest tools to build teams and enable them to help the success of the business.

During the implementation of the training program, the trainer, Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari, adopted a series of training activities in which the trainees participated, which deepened their conviction of teamwork, team building and leadership, and a series of collective discussions that reached the same goal.

This program comes as part of a series of training programs agreed between the International Expertise House and Khafji Joint Operations in Saudi Arabia during this period,and as part of the training programs offered by the International Expertise House, it implements its training plan which contains many specialized training programs and conferences.

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