Implementing a training program entitled “Team Work Management”

The International Management Experience Group (IITC) implemented from January 12 to January 14 a training program in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah – Marsa Al Ahlam Resort, a training program entitled “Team Work Management” The program aims to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in building and managing an effective and cohesive team and developing team spirit. It also aims to: 1. Provide the participants with skills to determine the nature and importance of teamwork. 2. How to form teams according to their scientific stages. 3. Mechanism for the distribution of tasks to the members of the team in a manner that ensures the integrity of the functions of its members. 4. Learn positive interaction with team members. 5. How to motivate team members in a way that ensures satisfaction for their members. The training program concluded with an entertaining tour for the participants and the trainer at the Marsa Al Ahlam Resort in the South Sea where they had lunch at the Marina Floating Restaurant and they also took a ride to the Skyscraper and then the coach handed over the honors and honored the participants.

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