International Expertise House in Beni Ghazi, Libya

The International Expertise House held a training evening in the city of Beni Ghazi in Libya in 20/2/2012, receiving an invitation from (Libyan Warriors Affairs Authority), which was titled as “Leadership from Revolution to State Building”, bout 200 leaders and warriors attended this evening. Head of warrior’s affairs authority Mr. Mustafa Al-Saqsali, and a number of the leadership and Veterans Affairs Authority staff attended as well.

The evening was presented by Dr. Mustafa Mohammed Al-Mumari, general manger of the International Expertise House, which included many of the participants and training games that gave the evening a special character and it had the interaction of all participants, where the participants went after the end of the evening to Dr. Mustafa Almomri to get an electronic copy of the lecture. This participation is an effected mark of the International Expertise in Achieving spreading at the level of the Arab World and the Middle East

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