International Expertise House inaugurates the institutional building project of Nedaa Al Fitra Foundation – UK

On June 28, 2013, the International Management Experience House Group launched the institutional building project for Nedaa Al Fitra Foundation (UK), which was inaugurated by the workshop of preparing the strategic establishment of the institution according to the international Balanced Scorecards system, under the supervision and participation of the International Expertise House team and in the presence of the President of Nedaa Al Fitra Foundation Mr. Obaid Salem Al Kass,who participated in the workshop that lasted for three days and enriched with a long and serious discussions to come out with the strategic establishment of Nedaa Al Fitra Foundation, on which the Foundation’s institutional construction project will be built.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Obaid Salem Al-Kas (President of Nedaa Al-Fitra Foundation, UK) thanked the international expertise House team and its consultants, who have contributed significantly to the strategic establishment of the foundation which is considered as an achievement that obtained satisfaction, which will contribute to achieving the institutional work standards of the foundation and will raise the level of efficiency in the work of it.

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