International Expertise House visits Al-Dawa Charitable Association

Mr. Nabil Ali Al-Hayat, business development consultant at the International Expertise House of Arabian Mehad Excelleance company, accompanied by Mr. Abdullah Bin Hadjeh,Office  Director of the of the Executive Director of Sela Foundation, visited Al-Dawa Charitable association on Tuesday 22/3/1440 H corresponding to October 2, 2018 m, where they were received by the director of the association, Mr. Khalid Awad Suwaidan and the administrative development specialist Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Bashaib.

During the visit, Mr. Khaled Suwaidan explained the objectives, vision and mission of the association, and highlighted the activities and projects that it carries out in the field of education and education, he listened to a detailed explanation of the outputs of the association during the past years.

For his part, Mr. Nabil Al-Hayat expressed his thanks and gratitude for the efforts of the association and its developmental interventions in the association aimed at building a association of values, wishing the progress and prosperity of the association 

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