International Expertise House visits Saleh Babkir Charity Hospital

Mr. Nabil Ali Al-Hayat, Business Development Consultant at the International Experience House of Al-Mihad Arab Company for Excellence, visited Saleh Babkir Charity Hospital in Al-Ain Valley on Sunday, 30.9.2018 to learn about the mechanism of the administrative process in the hospital and the hospital’s systems of quality assistance.

During the visit, he learned about the hospital’s activities and activities that serve the community, he also recognized the quality system used in the administrative process, and in turn praised Mr. Nabil life of the senior management and medical and professional staff of good organizing and arrangement wishing success and thanked the engineer / Omar bin Saleh Babeker for what he provides for society.

The visit was attended by Mr. Abdullah Bin Hadjah, Public Relations Officer at Sela Development Corporation.

They were welcomed by Mr. Badr Basala, Head of Human Resources Department at the hospital and Mounir Kawaileh, Public Relations and Media Officer at the hospital

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