International Expertise House visits Wadi Al Ain Foundation for Development – Hadramout

Mr. Nabil Ali Al-Hayat, Business Development Consultant at the International Expertise House of Arabian Mehad Excelleanceaccompanied by Mr. Abdullah Bin Hadjeh, Director of the Office of the Executive Director of Sela Foundation for Development, visited the Wadi Al-Ain Foundation for Development – Hadramout on Sunday, 30 September 2018. In the presence of the President of the Foundation, the Executive Director and all the staff of the Foundation.

This visit came after the Foundation received the third and second positions in the Estidama program in its first and second editions, during which the participants gained a number of training courses aimed at qualifying and empowering civil society organizations towards excellence, in order to achieve the desired institutional empowerment and the transfer of employees in organizations. Has had a great impact on the development of their skills and abilities and the advancement of charitable work.
The meeting also discussed the aspects of training cooperation between the two parties, one of the most important services of the International Expertise House is to build the international quality systems ISO which the foundation seeks to obtain after achieving the sustainability of many of the standards required to obtain the ISO 9001 quality system.

Nabil Al Hayat, Business Development Consultant at the International Expertise House, praised the efforts of the Foundation and all its administrative and executive staff and their dedication to their work, which he described as the organizer wishing them more success and success.

It is worth mentioning that the International Expertise House is an international group specialized in the field of administrative development, which provides services to organizations (profit and non-profit) from training programs, consultancy expertise, development projects and the preparation of specialized studies that contribute to the development of performance for individuals and institutions at an international level.

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