Journey of partnership and alliance

Building strategic alliances with a number of expert houses and consulting offices in the region. Where the International expertise House has recently signed an alliance and cooperation agreement with Dr. Abdullah Al-Muslah Group (legitimate and legal), which is one of the most law Offices in the Kingdom and the Arab world.

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Muslah group (legitimate and legal) characterized by the experience and competence in:-

  • Representing others in cases in courts, ombudsman’s office and all judicial bodies.
  • Arbitration and conciliation, which is one of the most prominent international procedures in the field of arbitration, conciliation and dispute settlement.
  • Providing opinion and advice in all legal papers, transactions and private contracts.
  • Formulation of commercial contracts and establishment of companies.
  • Issuing licenses and records.

The signing of the two sides represented by:

  • Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Muslah General Manager of Al-Musaleh Group (legitimate and legal).
  • Dr. Mustafa bin Mohammed Al-Mumari, Director General of the International Expertise House.

It comes at a time when the International Expertise House seeks to develop their strategic alliances with experience houses, to develop their tributaries in the field of partnership and exchange of experiences and to achieve the highest levels of success under the age variables keep pace with the development witnessed by the world and in its desire to provide the best services to its customers.

The International Expertise House’s belief in the principle of partnership and cooperation to reach the highest levels of success and will continue to make serious strides on that path, where experience is formed by working in accordance with the partnership and alliance with expert houses to provide the best always.

, And as is the wisdom “A simple or short conversation with a wise man means a month of study”, it is also the firm concept of the organization in its quest for excellence, to satisfy their customers, to achieve their aspirations and hopes, there must be quality

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