Maras continues her training programs in Antakya

Within the framework of the “Maras” project, which was launched by Nedaa Al Fitra Group in partnership with the International Expertise House, the Syrian Women’s Association and the Quddam Center for Renaissance Studies.

Three training programs were launched in Ramadan among the Syrian refugees in Antakya, which will be as follows: The first program is the TOT program, which will be the first building of Maraas project, through rehabilitation a team of local trainers will be formed for this project and will continue until the middle of the holy month of Ramadan to announce its end. The second program targets a high specialization and skills member of the team to prepare them as psychologists and families counselors, the program will continue until the 20th of Ramadan and will coincide with the third program, which was dedicated to the employees of charitable institutions with administrative development and administrative behavior.

It is worth mentioning that Maras project seeks to develop integrated plans to contain the refugees psychologically and intellectually in a manner that works on their self-development and to find tranquility and stability among them and educate them towards their homeland and reconstruction after the end of the war and reduce the tension and congestion that left many psychological, family, social and international problems.

And in a statement on what the detailed objectives that the Maras project seeks to achieve  (“International Program for the Relief of Syrian refugees in Antakya”), Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari, CEO of the International Expertise House, explained that the program in our hands is targets a several objectives, the most important  which are the following:

1) Contribute to reducing the negative consequences of the situation experienced by the Syrian refugees in the Arab region and neighboring countries.

2) Encourage and adopt a number of practices that will minimize the negative effects of the pressures experienced by young refugees.

3) Contribute to develop self, educational, social and relief capacities of all target groups.

4. Organizing and arranging a number of refugee programs and activities. To get a closer look at the current needs of the refugees in Antakya and to counter those needs to productive programs and activities. The establishment of a Syrian entity that presents all the needs, aspirations and concerns of the refugees, and all the programs and activities held for them in coordination with international relief organizations and agencies. This entity represents the reference and portal of relief agencies and organizations with regard to the data and statistics of the refugees of Antakya, and thus increase the ability of relief agencies and organizations to identify the actual needs and work to meet them effectively and efficiently.

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