Meeting with the Board of Directors of Umm Al Qura Women’s Charity Association

The International Expertise House held a meeting on Tuesday, January 10th, with the Board of Directors of Umm Al-Qura Women’s Charity association at the headquarters of it in Makkah. This meeting is part of the periodic meetings to implement the ISO 9001: 2008.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Qadria (Hanim) Yarkandi – President of the Association,Dr. Najla Fakhruddin Ali Reda – President of Al’amal Almanshud Center and member of the Management Committee, Ms. Haya Al-Majnouni – Quality Officer of the Association, Dr. Mustafa Al-Mumari, General Manager and Chairman of the Advisory Group, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Shahrani, Business Development Consultant, Mr. Abdullah Al-Qarni, Business Development Consultant, and Mr. Tawfiq Al-Humiri, Program and Project Manager.

During the meeting, the preliminary report of the evaluation phase prepared by the consultants of the International Expertise House was discussed and approved. Also they agreed on the timing of the next stages through the adoption of the chronic implementation plan for those stages, which will be implemented during the coming period.

As a part of the implementation of the project to qualify the Association to obtain the ISO certificate

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