Quality Management Experts Project in Asir Region

His Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Asir Region, called for the need to improve the outputs of charitable and voluntary work in the region by relying on quality work based on quality and skillful and knowledge values ​​for the dimensions of charity work. This came during the inauguration of “experts of quality management and institutional excellence” project, which is organized by International Expertise House and funded by Al-Subaie Charity Foundation and in cooperation with the Coordinating Council of Charitable Societies in Assir Region, on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, corresponding to 21 Rabee II 1436 AH at Abha Palace Hotel.

He pointed out that King Khalid Charitable Foundation will continue to support the work of voluntary associations that have community and charitable contributions, in accordance with the methodology used by our wise government to support such charitable activities that cast a shadow on an important segment of our society that needs institutional work to support and develop them.

At the beginning of the ceremony, His Highness inaugurated an open meeting of heads of charitable societies in the region, which reviewed a number of achievements that raised the number of charities in the region to 71 associations in addition to 50 social development committees and the number of Quran memorization societies reached 27 and 43 cooperative office.

His Highness listened to the invitation of the Coordinating Council for the need to establish an association in each of the centers of the region to provide charitable services in accordance with a clear institutional and systematic work.

Also He briefed him on a number of positive results in the charitable work in the region during the past years, the most prominent of which are the Assign a specialized professional staff to improve the efficiency of work and the develop of the concept of volunteer work and the recruitment of volunteers in associations. There are also accurate statistics of the number of beneficiaries annually and focus on diversity.

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