Rufaqa and International Expertise House sign an agreement to implement the Institutional Performance Standards

The International Expertise House for Administrative Development with Orphan Care Association ” rufaqa'” in Najran represented by Mr. Asaad Ben Farhan Al-Fayfi, Vice President of the Association, signed the agreement to implement a project of implementing the institutional performance standards of the association on the second of the month of last Muharram . This agreement aims at developing a documented application system for the management and work of the Charitable association for the Care of Orphans To be implemented through all departments, units and programs in the association to be in line with the strategic plan process and the priorities of the association and its general objectives and operational plans, competition and entering the future through an effective strategy based on the use of the latest technologies and human resources to maximize understanding of the behaviors and values of community service, it is worth mentioning that the management of the association sought to implement this qualitative project for several reasons, including ensuring the quality of its services and thus benefiting the beneficiaries, raising the employees’ awareness and enhancing their awareness of the institutional work and the quality of the performance through effective participation in the quality of services provided by the association.

Due to the expertise of International expertise House as specialists in this field with the potential to qualify the association, they were selected to undertake the implementation of this project

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