Side of the activities of the programs provided by the General Organization of Yemen Telecom – State of Malaysia

The International Expertise House conducted a training course entitled “Financial Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements” by the international trainer Dr. Abdul Moneim Al-Sayed Mohammed Mohammed  in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, also a training course entitled “Identification of training needs and preparation of training plans” with the international trainer Dr. Samir El-Hagrassi.

The program included a visit to Al-Madinah International University – Shah Alam – to learn about its system and its experience in academic education, which is one of the most powerful universities in the world – in the distance education system followed by a tourist tour to the most important tourist cities in Malaysia (Ganteng Heights – Al-Sahab City).  Finally, it was one of the most important tourist trips to Putrajaya, the administrative city of Malaysia.

Putrajaya is a modern city with almost all ministries and government departments – the newest cities in Malaysia at all – it is an example of a modern model city with meticulous and refined geometric shapes – and distinctive architectural designs

So: Our standards in quality training depend on:
– Efficiency and experience
– Quality of services provided
– Inform participants of the experiences of others
– Attention to fun and entertainment
To meet you with us in future programs in Malaysia and in other countries

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