Signed two joint cooperation agreements between the IEHAD and the Al-Madinah International University of Malaysia

In the context of the continuous communication of the International Expertise House to move forward to activate the most important success means, which is the strategic alliances with Malaysian universities and international accreditation.

The International Expertise House, represented by the CEO Dr. Mustafa Mohammed Al-Mumari and Al-Madina International University in Malaysia, represented by the CEO of the University, Dr. Mohammed bin Khalifa Al-Tamimi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding , which stipulates mutual cooperation between the two sides, to establish joint projects between them in the field of training, rehabilitation, human development, administrative and organizational development. Also, a service contract was signed under which the training programs offered by the International Experience House were approved by Al-Madina International University.

The signing ceremony of these two agreements was held on 8 October at the headquarters of Al-Madinah International University, the vice-rector for research and development Dr. Mowaffaq Al-Qasiri, and dean of university development and specific quality department at the university Dr. Said Faraj

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