The training program excellence in reporting

The team of the international expert house for administrative development in Sana’a concluded the training program ((excellence in the preparation of reports)) for the General Authority for Environmental Protection, for the trainer and consultant of the international expert house group A / Burhan Abdelmajid Elmurdas. 27 to 30 January 2014 in relation to the preparation of reports to: – Detailed specification of the components and contents of the report. – Knowing the steps and stages of preparing the distinguished report. – Ability to prepare an integrated professional report and meet the needs of work, in a timely manner. – Increase participants’ conviction of the importance of preparing reports and delivering them in a timely manner. – Ability to prepare reports for each specialty. The participants were given the skills of preparing and writing reports. In conclusion of the program, the Director General of the International Expert House Group, Mr. Nabil Al-Hayat, handed over certificates to the trainees … It is worth mentioning that the International Experience Group is working on the development and administrative development through services, programs and training activities. The General Authority for the Protection of the Environment, most notably the training programs in relation to ISO 14001, which is concerned with the environment, and creating a culture and awareness among the employees of the Authority on the concepts and standards of this standard.

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